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Design Your Own Nail Wraps! Design Your Own Nail Wraps! Design Your Own Nail Wraps!

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How to Apply

For best results apply a clear nail varnish or base coat before applying nailART Wraps:

1.  Push back cuticles, shape and buff the nail.
2.  Peel nail wrap, shape with scissors if required.
3.  Apply to base of the nail and rub to remove any bubbles.
4.  Use a hair dryer to warm the wrap, sealing the glue for 3-5 seconds.  Do not use excessive heat and never heat for more than 3 seconds.  Keep a hairdryer more than 10cm from your skin.
5.  Trim back the excess nail wrap from the free edge of your nail and gently file in a vertical downward stroke to create the perfect shape and look.
6.  For long lasting results apply a clear nail varnish as a top coat.

To Remove the Nail Wraps
1.  Gently warm the nail wrap using a hairdryer being careful not to warm for longer than 3 seconds and keeping the hairdryer 10cm way from your skin.
2.  Peel the vinyl away from your nail.
3.  Use a nail varnish remover to remove any glue residue.

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